How much does it cost?

Beginners’ course (all equipment is provided for the beginners’ course)  £60
Then, if you decide to continue with archery…..
Membership of Gronant Bowmen, National associations, inc. insurance. £87 Adult £30 Jnr per year.
Monthly shoot fees £25 (or £6 per session), full details of fees here.
Equipment: A basic bow set up* £150.
*NB. Most people prefer to start with higher quality equipment. The details are listed in the equipment section, such a set up costs approximately £500.

Where do you shoot?

Our main weekly indoor shoots are at the Rhyl Leisure Centre, Grange Road, Rhyl, LL18 4BY. We meet there every Saturday afternoon and Monday evening, and our beginners courses are run there. Our outdoor ranges are at the new sports field at Rhyl Leisure Centre, and also Ysgol y Castell, a primary school in Rhuddlan. Please see the home page for the current shooting schedule.

Can I come along and shoot with my own bow?

To shoot in the club you must have a current Archery GB membership card. (This shows that you have completed a beginners’ course and have current insurance). If so then you are more than welcome to come and shoot with our club, either for the occasional session, or as a new member. If you have never had an Archery GB membership then we would recommend a beginners’ course first. If you are a member of another archery association, or have an expired Archery GB membership then please contact us.

Do you shoot in tournaments?

Yes we do. Tournaments are a fun, friendly day out and they really help motivate your training. We have also had significant success in tournaments, multiple members of the Welsh national team come from our club, and a UK Masters champion. We also host our own tournaments regularly.

How old do you need to be?

We can take children from the age of 8 years, but it depends upon each individual. We will require parental presence. (We often find that the parent initially comes to keep the child company then falls in love with the sport and stays long after the child has lost interest).   Our safeguarding children policy

Is it safe?

Yes, the safety procedures are very efficient and these are really drummed in throughout the beginners’ courses. Furthermore all of our shooting ranges have to comply with strict safety standards set out by the governing body. No one is ever at risk of being shot.

Can you get injured?

As mentioned above, no one gets shot with arrows. The worst than can happen is a sore shoulder. This is usually due to a pre-existing condition and/or a bow with too strong a draw weight, or too high of a mass weight.

Are you Insured?

Yes, we are covered by Public Liability insurance provided by the sports’ national governing body, “ArcheryGB”

What happens if I buy all the gear and stop shooting after a few months?

There is always a market for second hand gear that we know is good. People join the club all the time needing equipment so it can usually be sold for at least half price, usually significantly more.

Can people with disabilities shoot?

Yes, we can cater for most disabilities. Most of our ranges are wheelchair accessible, and there are measures within the sport to facilitate the participation of those missing multiple limbs and even sight!