This guide is intended to give you all the knowledge necessary to setup your own bow from scratch. It has been written by Rhys Harper, and it includes the steps I would consider necessary to setup a bow. Before you start with this guide there are a few things you need to understand about this guide:

  1. There will always be more that you can do to mess with the setup of your bow. If I haven’t included something on this list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid tuning method, or isn’t worth doing
  2. Tuning your bow will not make you better. A well tuned bow is not a substitute for poor technique.
  3. Ask yourself (and your coach) “Is it worth finely tuning my bow?”. If you’ve just finished a beginner’s course then the answer is probably no, you’d be better off with just a basic setup that your coach can do for you. But if you shoot at competitions, then the answer is definitely yes, because you’ll pick up a handful of points over the course of the shoot without having to do any hard work.
  4. YOU should tune your own bow, NOT YOUR COACH! (unless you’re a beginner)
  5. I am a compound archer, as such the compound guide will be better than the recurve guide.
  6. I’m also very busy, The guide isn’t finished yet


Black: Basic steps to tune your bow. By following these you should be able to setup a bow. These instructions will not offer any explanation as to why you should follow them and are aimed at someone who is not technically minded (hopefully idiot proof). In short, do as I say and don’t ask questions.

Blue: A more in depth explanation of how to setup a bow. These instructions will include theory as to why you should setup a bow this way and are intended to be a supplement to the black instructions for those who appreciate an explanation, or have questions. If these additional instructions aren’t detailed enough for you, come and speak to me and I’ll answer the questions you may have.

Compound Tuning Guide

Recurve Tuning Guide

Arrow Building